Signs Your Office Carpet Should be Replaced

Signs Your Office Carpet Should be Replaced

If you have owned the same office building for many years, then you might be needing a flooring upgrade. Over the years high traffic areas get worn down and office areas get coffee spilled on them. When people end up walking into your business their impression can be greatly impacted. Regardless of how well you take care of your carpet, it will always eventually need to be replaced. How well you take care of it can change how soon you need to replace it though. Let's talk about the signs that tell you, it's time to replace the carpet in your business.

There are a couple of obvious signs that your carpet needs to be replaced one of them being stains. When you have stains that you’re no longer able to remove with a carpet cleaner, and they are starting to accumulate, then it's a good sign that it's been long enough that you have had it. Along with that is, of course, wear and tear. If you have rips or bubbles starting to form, then you’re getting yourself into a lawsuit situation if it’s not taken care of promptly.

When considering other signs though, they may be less noticeable. For example, if there is an odor that your employees or customers are starting to smell then it's time to rip it out. The trouble with this is that odors don’t just happen overnight, it can take some time for them to fully develop. Once it does, you might have some trouble trying to identify where the odor is coming from.

Another major sign that your carpet needs to be replaced in your place of business is the style. If you feel like you’re walking into a time warp every time you step foot into your building, then it's time to make some updates to the place. Carpet is one update that really isn’t optional because if you don’t it will always give you away on the true age of the place. Let’s face it, people are inclined to stay or leave your business based purely on what they see with their eyes.

If you are needing commercial carpet ripped up and new flooring put back down, then give Winn Tile a call today. We can help you with whatever needed flooring installation. We can guide you through the process of new carpet or an entire change up with a different type of flooring like tile. Just fill out our online request form today to get the process started.

By Winn Tile Company 1-14-2020